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Collective Memoir of Bliss

The Memoir of Bliss is a work in progress that aims to inspire people to be more present in the now and more aware of even the smallest moments of harmony, peace, serenity, beauty and the calm happiness of feeling truly alive and one with the whole universe. The Memoir of Bliss is a collection of personal recounting of such moments of bliss by a large number of people from different ages and occupations. Reliving these intensely positive moments by describing them in writing has been found in a research by C. Burton and L. King (2004) to be very beneficial to the psychological and physiological health. Participants in the Collective Memoir of Bliss project will be asked to write about peak positive experiences of theirs four times for 5-20 minutes. They will donate their writing to be used in the Memoir of Bliss, while enjoying lasting health benefits.

For participation and more information, please email the author, Boriana Zaneva at: blissmemoir@yahoo.com