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Boriana Zaneva Boriana Zaneva is Positive Psychology consultant, coach, speaker and writer.

Boriana has a talent to see strengths, focus on what works, and cultivate the potential for positive change. Her mission is to bring the best out of people and help them lead more meaningful lives.

In her practice Boriana helps individuals to find their strengths, values and goals, to cultivate resilience, awareness and meaning. She guides leaders and organizations towards improved workplace wellness, human resource sustainability, increased productivity and creativity. Boriana offers strategies for success and wellbeing for students, teachers and school administrators.

Boriana is a Teaching Assistant for the Certificate in Positive Psychology program at Wholebeing Insitute and Kripalu. Boriana hosts New Day, a radio show and podcast at the UR Business Network, featuring real life people who love what they do for work and inspire with their best practices. Boriana hosts Science of Joy, a CCTV show about Positive Psychology and its application in everyday life.

Since 2007 Boriana dedicated her studies and work to the science of happiness. She studied Psychology at the Harvard University Extension School. She is among the first graduates of the Certificate in Positive Psychology program led by renowned author and professor Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar through Wholebeing Institute and Kripalu. Boriana also has a degree in Journalism and Mass Communication from the American University in Bulgaria. Boriana completed her yoga teacher training at SBY.